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BizPass LTD has chosen to develop in five key directions



digital marketing

consumer healthcare


The past decade has been full of challenges for business, so we are determined to maintain
the financial stability of the company and continuous work.
For these reasons, we shape our business policy and create a strategy that encourages our employees to experience the firm as their own so they can understand their personal responsibilities.
We value expertise, we value experience, so we pay special attention to employees, developing their motivation and education.
We believe in individuality, curiosity, challenges, readiness for change.
We believe that everyone is important.

Working in BizPass

A general and corporate culture is necessary. We insist on honesty and collegiality.
We work fast, we work well, we work on ourselves.
We expect our employees to truly respect for the standards we have set and their precise implementation.

Our values


Each member of our team is professional and experienced in the areas they deal with, whether if it is acquired education or work experience. Continuous education of our team members is the right path to maintain quality of all the services we provide to our partners.

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Each product has it's proven quality and efficiency, regardless if it's ourown or made by our partners. All products that we offer are produced after many years of testing and development.

True support

We offer full support to pharmacies in terms of presence and availability, we respect suggestions and improve processes. Communication with our partners is om a daily basis. We are often present in pharmacies providing support through the education of users of our products. We regularly collect feedback from our partners analyze and use them to improve our processes.

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BizPass vrednosti - dostupnost

Always available

Our team is available for any doubts that users of our products can have - we always provide proper advice. Cosumers can reach us through all channels of communication: contact form available on our websites, email addresses, our landlines and cell phones, as well as social networks.

Integrity and honesty

When we say it - we mean it. We are always consistent with the goals and values ​​of our company. We will fulfill every agreement we reach because we do not make promises that we cannot keep.

BizPass vrednosti - Integritet

If you consider yourself as a person ready for such a team and for work in such an environment, this is the adress for your CV:

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