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Trust...It is hard earned, maintained even harder, and lost so easily

What we brag about the most, is exactly the fact that we have partners which we started working with from the moment BizPass was founded and we still do cooperate with them.

What we are most proud of is the fact that relationship with those partners evolved from strictly professional one to friendly.

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… is not just creating new material values… There is an idea, wish, hard work, enthusiasm, and creativity engraved into each new product! We left a part of ourselves in every step from formulation to package design. The products we create “hide” the names of everyone who helped to make them behind their title.

BizPass Ltd is especially proud of its brands, and our mission is to share with you the enthusiasm and the happiness we feel.

In the second half of 2020, our company “dared” to take a step forward and started the production of its own brand, hiring eminent and proven companies for that job. Our first product and our biggest pride is the Mustang gel which is, in fact, also the first in the brand to bear the same name: Mustang. After “Mustang”, we placed the first from the line of products intended for the skin called “Naissa Cosmetics”. We can promise with certainty that this is just the beginning … More about “Mustang” on the page:, and about “Naissa” on the page:

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We have carefully selected the products for our wholesale department by paying attention to our customers needs. 

BizPass is, first of all, focused on distributing dietary supplements and cosmetics. We have modern approach to sales, we implemented an online wholesale system, established dynamic on-client-demand delivery, organized support in both amortization and optimization of the client’s stock, marketing activities, and information distribution… These are only a part of the activities that we do every day. We are available, to everyone.

Even though the wholesale wasn’t the original idea when starting the company, this sector found its own way for development. Now, in the market’s response, we apply standards which provide us with secure, safe and fast path from production to the end consumer. Our wholesale is oriented towards natural supplements from the pharmacy supply. The number of products is gradually increasing, we are carefully choosing who is the best fit in our idea of partnership and teamwork. Exclusively, of course, are our own brands, but also the products of Slovak generic company “Medipel” since the beginning of 2021. Partnerships are made with known companies such as Max Medica, PharmaS, Universal Food, Atom čaj, Erba Green, Herbis… We are proud of our cooperation with Kendy, Egoal Imuno, Leco, Diapharm and Ursafarm. You can ask for our updated price list via contact form at the bottom of the page.

Medical marketing

Timely distribution of accurate and precise information in the field of medically significant characteristics of the products is entrusted to our own Mr Ph Ana Stanković who is also a Head of our Medical Marketing team and who is the main coordinator of marketing strategies at BizPass.
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It’s a fast life, isn’t it? Time is running short, especially for the private part of life. We are very aware of it, so the mission entrusted to our Medical team is to make work easier for our colleagues in medical centers and pharmacies. We bring you the data – checked, correct and crucial. We do it quickly, when it is good for you. We do it coordinately in the medical center and in the pharmacy. We do it responsibly, with the consumer’s interest as the main goal.

Digital marketing

The importance of information has long been established in the consciousness of each individual. In an era when the Internet has been proven to be the most accessible medium, it is natural for us to be involved in this segment of information distribution. In this sense, to our partners, we have provided a range of services related to online presence. We ask you to look for our digital solutions.
BizPass Digitalni Marketing za farmaceute
Do you believe that online presence is important?
You are absolutely right… Past year’s experience and fighting the global crisis – pandemic, has shown us the necessity to transfer part of the business to the Internet. If it wasn’t for it, so many of us would have not been able to complete even the simplest of tasks.

Do you believe website is the broadest window to your company?
You can’t even imagine how much… The amount of online sales is multiplied unbelievable number of times only in the last 18 months. Number of product searches from the pharmacy supply is way ahead when compared to other consumer goods.

Do you not dare to take that step because it is all very, very expensive?
Well you are definitely wrong there… How? It’s simple: our partners have our support at the price that doesn’t load it’s budget. Want to know more? Or everything? No problem – the contact form is at the bottom of the page. All you need to do is show interest.










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