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Products - KoLip

The body I want

Healthy habits come first, the right diet, moderate physical activity that your body enjoys... and for the impatient ones, with all stated above, Ko-Lip that will give you a much needed headstart. Fast, heathy and effective.

Proizvodi - Vitamin C

Oxidative Stress

Not just as a support to your immune system, iron absorption but also as a strong anti-oxidant, especially with people exposed to the effects of harmful substances. Easy to dissolve healthy beverage!

Atom čajevi

It is time...

... to taste definitely the most unusual combination of standardized plant extracts incorporated into a sugar cube. Ease of preparation, speed of effect and playing with your senses will make the first encounter with Atom teas become love at the first sip.

Naissa sapuni

Natural, and local

NAISSA Cosmetics is a brand that has products for skin, hair and nails in its portfolio. The brand arose from the idea and need to return to the nature from which the modern way of life has distanced us.


When it hurts

Mustang horse gel with a cooling effect is a product with the finest texture that allows easy application and fast action. Its effect on tired, swollen legs and feet is evident already during application. Economical packaging, decent price and availability accompany its sophistication.

Products - Beauty

What your skin needs

The ideal combination of vitamins, minerals and coenzymes that provide needed support of the proper skin, hair and nails cell growth.
Take care of yourself - from within!

Proizvodi - ManIntimo

10X better

than a classic shower gel. MAN INTIMO does not dry out the skin, it provides all-day freshness, relieving discomfort caused by increased sweating. SPECIALLY SELECTED INGREDIENTS which favor the male intimate region.

Proizvodi - Egoal premium


The benefits of this powerful immune booster are astounding compared to a large number of "similar products". Very carefully balanced active components, which complement each other and enhance each other's effect.

The gentlest touch

No parabens, no alcohol. With chamomille extract and with 99% water - unique and safe even for the gentlest skin.

If you are wondering:
Who is BizPass?

BizPass LTD is a dynamic, young, ambitious and hard-working team
which shares one common idea: quality in all fields
in the first place.

BizPass is a domestic, family, neighborhood company

BizPass is a home of quality, specific brands,
both products and services. Some products are developed by us,
every other product in our portfolio - handled as if it is our own.
And all products are completely natural, just the way we like it.

BizPass Mustang kongres - za farmaceute
Our way

It all starts with an idea


Expanding number of products of the Mustang brand, introducing products for which there is a need while respecting the principles of quality and quality-price ratio. Continues cooperation with professionals and dedicated people working on providing best advices in direct and indirect contact with patients.


We want to bring together information, products, professionals and users. We want to offer options and individual solutions through our own and other companies' products, hiring eminent experts, doctors and pharmacists to get the right advice in the right place.


Two products of our brand made as an aid in acute rheumatic and neurological pain, combined by carefully selected products of partner companies from Serbia and Italy, that (based on experience) are advised as an aid in the described conditions.


Expanding the Mustang brand line in the direction of already specialized therapeutic groups. Closer and more direct relationship and communication with users, stronger connections with partners and a larger team in BizPass itself.


Looking from the perspective of the current year, the very beginning of our company seems far away. However, from the personal point of view that year (2014.) still evokes strong emotions, memories that at the time I had only one idea: to create a bold, innovative, different, modern and traditional company, a place where principle of caring and honesty is respected, where family value is the most important one. Our journey has not been and still is not easy. We make our own path difficult, setting up goals that have never been basically and exclusively commercial, at least not more than to provide a sustainability for the firm. The goals were simple, and the steps went backwards from consequence to cause. And while some were looking for users for products - we were looking for a product for user. I am happy that it is still easier for my heart to be warmed up with a nice word and a smile than with the profit we made. In these eight years, many things have changed, we achieved understanding with most, there are of course those who spoke a different language, but it is important that we have not given up. It was a bless knowing and interacting with people who had any influence on our work regardless of the consequences. We have given and will continue giving a chance to good will and sincere intentions, fighting for the future in which quality is the only essence.

Dalibor Radojičić
CEO & founder BizPass d.o.o. Niš

Direktor Dalibor Radojicic

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